Brian Daly is an award-winning Creative Director, Creative Strategist, Branding Expert, Speaker, Composer, Director, Writer, Musician and one-time Red Faces contestant. He was spared the dismal life of a failed rockstar when he stumbled unexpectedly into the world of advertising. It turned out, to his joy and horror, that he was very good at it. In a few short years he rose from the position of Audio Producer to Creative Group Head at Peach Advertising, and was then head-hunted to take over the Creative Directorship of the largest regional-based agency in Australia, Enigma – a post he held for over 9 years.

A sought after speaker and expert in creativite brand strategy, Brian’s 25 years in advertising and brand communications has left him with some extremely well-honed skills in the dark arts of communications, a deep understanding of how to build brand, and a penchant for talking about himself in the third person.

In 2015, after Creating, Strategizing, Writing, Directing and Composing the soundtracks for countless campaigns, this multi-disciplined creative decided to leave the world of big ad agencies and establish his own Creative Consultancy, The Proverbials, in the hopes of making a more honest living.

Like Voldemort’s horcruxes, pieces of his creative soul are scattered across the internet. Gathering them all together on this website is an attempt to make it easier for you to review his abilities in Creative Strategy, Branding, Writing, Directing and Music Composition.

And/or to allow him to become the Dark Lord.

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